Five Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid

creditcard-goldCredit cards can be really good things if used in a responsible manner. They might be really luring, you might spend the entire month’s money and regret later. However, they are like the evils that are necessary. At times when you need to pay rents, take a loan or need money for an emergency credit card is your only resort.

What to Avoid?

For people who are responsible and credit cards can be their best friends. They are believed to be more secure than debit cards and are very useful. You still need to be careful and try avoiding few mistakes at all costs.

• Missing a payment: never forget to make payments on time. If you at all forget or pay late it might cost you a lot of money. There are hefty charges and interest fees that you will have to bear. Your credit gets killed if you make late payments and the bad credits only mean higher interest rates. Try making payments ahead of time if you are forgetful as late payments might cost you more than you can think.

• Carrying a balance: do not be negligent towards the payments that you make for your credit card. Consider it as a responsible way of spending the money you have rather than like a high-interest loan. Try making payments every month for your card. If not more than the bill at least pay the minimum amount. However, paying a little amount more also every month can lessen your burden. The interest fess that you have to pay every month will not be like a burden in the end. Otherwise use a lower line of credit to wipe out the balance.

• Not reading your statement closely: mistakes can always happen so check your credit card bills closely before making any payments. You might find some unfamiliar charges or charges that might not be yours. Get them checked and rectified. If you do not check you might end up paying twice or for something that you did not even buy. So, always check the details very carefully and closely. Checking your credit card statements can prevent a lot of problems and issues that might come up later.

• Spending all the credit: your credit cards might have huge limits but that does not mean you spend it all. You should not spend more than thirty percent of your credit card limit. The more that you spend the more interest you pay and it also worsens your credit score. If you are in need of more credit get the limit increased of your credit card but do not overspend on your limit.

• Taking cash advances: most companies charge you fees for taking cash advances on your credit card. The interest charges that you pay for these advances are usually more than the general fees. It might rack up ridiculous amounts of your interest charges and fees. Until and unless you have an emergency situation this is the biggest blunder that you could make.